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Hello! Cafe24 Vietnam would like to announce that we will temporarily stop providing e-commerce solutions in Vietnamese. Customers using the Cafe24 Vietnam solution can continue to use that in the global version.

Cafe24 Vietnam apologizes for this inconvenience and sincerely thanks all for using Cafe24 in the past.

Build your
online business

Make your vision a reality with Cafe24.
Let us lead you up the road to success.


Sell on the world's
largest social media platform

Expand your sales channels and sell through Facebook with Cafe24.


Create your own store on Facebook

Customize your Facebook Shop

Modify your store’s theme to tell your brand story.

Create Collections

Group products together so visitors can find products more easily.

Connect to customers worldwide

Anyone can visit your Facebook Page and browse your Facebook Shop.


Get ready to sell on Facebook Shops

Facebook Channel

Manage Facebook Channel and Facebook Shops all in one location.

Automatically generated assets

Facebook Pixel and Catalogs are automatically generated on your account when you install Facebook Channel — no additional sign-ups required!

Double sales channels

Display your products simultaneously on Facebook Shops and Instagram Shopping.


Combine all your social media accounts into one manageable app

Manage your social media more efficiently

Upload posts to Facebook and Instagram simultaneously with Edibot Social. You can also check comments, add replies, and respond to customer inquiries through Messenger.

Share your products on social media

Add social share buttons to your product pages so people can share your products on Facebook and Instagram.


Create 'Buy Now' URL links and share them on social media

Diversify your sales channels

Customers don't need to find your store to place an order anymore.
Attract customers directly from social media platforms by sharing a Buy Now URL.

Simplify the purchasing process

Shorten the purchasing process with a Buy Now URL that redirects customers directly to the checkout page.


Boost your sales with Instagram

Increase your follower count

Showcase your Instagram feed by adding Instagram Widget to your store’s home page.

Turn followers into customers

Create eye-catching posts on your Instagram page to draw followers to your store.

Broaden your reach through
online marketplaces

(Coming Soon)

Attract millions of new shoppers by syncing your products
with online marketplaces like Lazada and Shopee.


More sales, less effort —
Everything in one space


Upload products in no time to both your Cafe24 store and other online marketplaces thanks to our product importing features.


Orders are automatically imported so that you can process the orders placed on your Cafe24 store and other online marketplaces in one go.


Check all customer inquiries and reviews, as well as the online marketplaces’ urgent notifications at a glance, and never miss an important sales opportunity.


Widen your market outreach with Lazada

Get your brand on South East Asia’s leading retail platform.


Take your sales a step further with Shopee

Cafe24 helps you effortlessly sell your products on this competitive online marketplace.

Starting your online business?

Build your own store, your own brand and your own design.
Every single detail is customizable in only a few clicks with Cafe24.


Create a free lifetime account and build an infinite number of stores in seconds

You can also pause and save your work at any time.
Start your online business now.


Cafe24's 1.7m users generate ,000,000 in transactions yearly

Cafe24's all-in-one e-commerce solution and infrastructure take care of everything you need, allowing you to sit back and simply concentrate on sales.


Forget the hassle of designing thanks to our various themes

Upgrade your store's look
with professionally designed themes.


Unleash your inner designer with our user-friendly theme editing tools

No need to understand HTML to customize your theme — simply drag and drop!


Subscribe online and install payment gateways on your store

We offer all of the most popular payment methods: credit card, bank transfer, mobile billing—you name it!


Upload your products in seconds with our templates and translation services

Creating product details pages has never been this easy.
Enjoy Cafe24's own editing tool, "Edibot".


Subscribe and install apps in one go through Cafe24's app store

Forget about coding or designing, simply subscribe to start using the app.


Link your store to a social media platform and watch your sales soar

Our solution allows your to easily promote your brand
by linking your store or specific products to popular social media channels.

Dream big —
Sell around the world

Continue selling the exact same way, in the exact same space.
Cafe24's platform allows you to add stores to the same admin page in seven different languages.


Break down language barriers — Create up to 14 stores in seven different languages

Grow your brand on the global scene.
With one single ID, you can create up to 14 different stores.


Customize your different stores with themes designed especially for each language

You can purchase themes designed in multiple languages — including English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese — either individually or as a package.


Use our global payment gateways and save precious time

We help you localize your payment process and offer global online payment methods
to your customers so that they can safely purchase your products around the world.

Use the Smart Mode for a smooth start to your ecommerce journey

Switch between modes at any time with one single click depending
on your management style and your customers' needs.

Use the Smart Mode for a smooth start to your ecommerce journey

Start selling with Cafe24 for free