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Hello! Cafe24 Vietnam would like to announce that we will temporarily stop providing e-commerce solutions in Vietnamese. Customers using the Cafe24 Vietnam solution can continue to use that in the global version.

Cafe24 Vietnam apologizes for this inconvenience and sincerely thanks all for using Cafe24 in the past.


Awake the buying instinct of potential customers
through diverse campaigns. All
features are ready for Promotion/Event


Let’s make event registration easier!
Edibot Promotion

Banners and pop-ups at once

By selecting a recommended event for the banner and popup in a single time, the banner and pop-up are automatically generated so that you can register for the promotion campaign without editing.

From SNS promotion to results reporting

From SNS advertising to results reporting, you can easily check the results after the ad ends just by uploading the promotional content to a blog or SNS in a single time.


Do you want to provide more promotions?

Strengthen promotion setup

You can set up in detail diverse promotions such as gift offers, coupons, check-in events according to the desired conditions.

Discount code only used by the input

Discount codes can be used for non-members as well. In addition, the discount code can also be used easily without the need for a separate issuance process, which helps to increase sales significantly.


As a bridge for promotions, defining target markets effectively through gift-giving events

Brands can experience effective advertising by sponsoring products to shopping malls that match their goals. The mall is activated by organizing a gift-giving event with sponsored products.
From event execution to design replacement and results reporting, all are provided for free.

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