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Hello! Cafe24 Vietnam would like to announce that we will temporarily stop providing e-commerce solutions in Vietnamese. Customers using the Cafe24 Vietnam solution can continue to use that in the global version.

Cafe24 Vietnam apologizes for this inconvenience and sincerely thanks all for using Cafe24 in the past.

Facebook Channel

Would you like to hack your sales by expanding
to Facebook and Instagram shopping?
Let’s start with Facebook Channel!


Fast and easy!
How does Facebook Channel work?

With Facebook Channel, you can manage all sales/promotions on Facebook, Instagram, ans Messenger in one place and expose various content on Facebook and Instagram through real-time linkage of products in online shopping malls.

Let billions of Facebook and Instagram Users know about your shopping mall!

Start your business on Facebook.

Just log in and connect your shopping mall with Facebook Channel, then create a Facebook and Instagram Shop with just a few clicks.

Experience one-stop management

Make it easy to manage all Facebook business connections essential formarketing in one stop.

Optimize Facebook shopping experience

By applying various functions (e.g. shopping tags, brand collections, and filter functions), you can provide customers with a high-quality shopping experience on social media.


Facebook Channel main features

Product information real-time linkage

Link real-time product information on all channel for continuously updating sales status.

Catalog creating & connection

Automatically connect with catalog created based on customer age and gender to display suitable products and promote them on
Audience Network and Facebook Messenger.

Product feed optimization

Allow to check the browsing information of each product and optimize feeds with product management.

Ads campaign creating and management

Create ads easily with keywords appropriated with your campaign purpose and follow its real-time performance according to each campaign.

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