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Ways to promote your store that complement both your store's look and your management style


Learn how to effectively promote your store and increase sales.

01The importance of promoting your store

As online stores exist in the virtual space of the internet, it is notably more difficult to draw customer attention to an online store in comparison to an offline store.
In general, there are two ways in which a customer will visit an online store.

  1. Search for the store in question.
  2. Find related advertisement and visit the store.

1) In the case of the first example, it is extremely rare that a customer will search for a particular online store, especially if it has just been built.

However, by promoting your store, you can increase your brand awareness and persuade customers to make a purchase.
It is essential that you continue to promote your store even if your sales are increasing.
Hundreds of ecommerce businesses come and go in a single day, and without constant exposure, your store will be easily forgotten.

Naturally, many people find it difficult when trying to utilize online marketing techniques due to a lack of knowledge in this field.
Cafe24 can offer you various marketing tools and features that can be utilized at your ease.

02Promoting your store for free
Step 1. Set up Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the process of increasing your store's visibility by boosting its search ranking on search engine results.

So why is SEO important?
SEO allows you to draw in customers without using advertisements.
On average, 82% of people will search for a product or service using a search engine. And of those, 40% will click on the first page of results.
It is therefore important to use related keywords that will help your store achieve a higher ranking on search engines.

You can manage your SEO settings in [My Store > Store setup > Search Engine Optimization] on the admin page.
Refer to the guide below to set up your SEO keywords.

Go to guide on Search Engine Optimization
Step 2. Promoting your store through social media channels

One of the best marketing channels used to penetrate into a customer’s everyday life is social media.
By using social media channels, customers are exposed to your social media posts even without them having to visit your store or search for related keywords.

Social media marketing can be categorized into direct marketing and indirect marketing.
In order to utilize social media well, you should aim to create high-quality content and use a balance of both direct and indirect marketing strategies.

Direct marketing and Indirect marketing
1) Direct marketing

Direct marketing is used to communicate new products, special events, and promotions through social media.
You can encourage customers to share your posts, leave comments, and tag their friends, allowing customers to naturally participate and circulate your campaign through word of mouth.
Ensure that your marketing content is focused only on your online store.

2) Indirect marketing

Indirect marketing is a strategy used to create and grow your store’s brand identity.
Rather than promoting your products or services directly, you can post updates about the upward trends in the industry.
This way, an impression of professionalism is left on your customers, elevating their trust in your product.
Moreover, information shared on social media can indirectly promote your store to those visiting the social media platform.

Social media promotion can be divided into self-promotion and word-of-mouth marketing.

Social media promotion
1) Self-promotion

In order to self-promote your online store, you need to create a social media account and make regular posts about your products and events, and encourage your customers to share your posts.

2) Word-of-mouth marketing

Word-of-mouth marketing occurs when a customer recommends or reposts content relating to your online store or products.
Regular customers may also choose to post their own content, helping to promote your store.
In most cases however, the majority of ecommerce stores will offer coupons to customers in return for sharing the store’s posts on their personal social media accounts.

03Promoting your store through other various methods
1. Displaying your products smartly

One of the biggest decisions you will have to make is deciding which products to display on your store’s home page.
Learn how to attract your customers’ attention by displaying your products smartly according to the needs and style of your store.


As with most startup businesses, you will need a ‘loss leader’ product in order to attract new customers.
A loss leader is a product sold at a discounted price alongside other various products to lure customers into browsing your store.
By using a loss leader, you can persuade customers into browsing your store for longer and lead them into purchasing your main product.

  1. Promote a loss leader as the best seller on your store’s main banner.
  2. Display an inexpensive loss leader on the first row of the best seller section.
  3. Display your store's main product below the loss leader.
  4. Display the new arrivals section below the best seller section.
Stores that sell 50-100 products per day

The majority of stores that sell an average of 50-100 products a day make a large proportion of their sales from new customers.
Most online store visits are made by new visitors or potential customers who have yet to make their first purchase.
In order to sell your products to these customers, it is recommended that you display existing products that have already been tried and tested by other customers, instead of new products.
This is because for the same amount of exposure, products that have already achieved higher sales figures have a better chance of being sold than completely new products.

  1. Promote best sellers on the main banner.
  2. Display top selling products by rank in the best seller section.
  3. isplay the new arrivals section below the best seller section.
Stores operating for more than 2 years, with a high proportion of repeat customers

If more than 50% of your sales are coming from repeat customers, you should consider displaying your new arrival products above the best sellers on your store’s home page.
Maintaining repeat customers cost less than attracting new customers, while repeat customers bring in more profit than new customers. However,
you should decide whether you want consistent sales growth or stable sales from existing customers before making any changes to your store.

  1. Promote new arrivals on the main store banner.
  2. Display new arrivals.
  3. Display the best seller section below the new arrivals section.
2. Hiring a professional marketer

If you don't have time to do the marketing yourself, or want professional marketing help, you can hire a professional marketer.
However, you should be aware that service fees for professional marketers vary by their experience, ability, and company.